Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Such Fun

Fibromyalgia has been such fun...especially lately.
Last month we took a camping trip to south central Oregon. I wound up in the hospital with what I thought was a heart attack. It was not a fun way to start our vacation. They kept me for the night and I didn't get much sleep at all. They discovered that I had high blood pressure. I really wasn't surprised because the medication (Savella) that I take for the fibro has that as a side-effect. It is a rare side-effect, but it is the one that affects me the most.
So, when I got back home, I went to a new doctor, since my insurance does not cover our family doctor anymore. The new doctor is very nice. She admits that she does not treat fibro, but is willing to work with me. She could at least help the high blood pressure. I started Lisinopril right away and it is helping. My only problem is that I am very sensative to medication and can usually take half the normal amount. Well, I started out on the full amount and within a week was suffering new side-effects. I became extremely dizzy, the fatigue was worse than ever, lasting for a week, and my body began to hurt as bad as it did before I began the Savella. It was awful not being able to function again. So, I looked up the side-effects for Lisinopril and found that folks who have an autoimmune problem, such as: Lupis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia need to have the amount adjusted since it causes the "disability" to become worse.
I decided to only take half the amount of Lisinopril and thought I should cut back on the Savella also. Wrong! I need the Savella!!! Within three days, pain returned to areas that haven't been painful since the Savella got to therapy doseage. So, I got back up to that level and am feeling much better.
Taking only one Lisinopril is working on the blood pressure. I still have some dizziness, fatigue, and pain. However, I am feeling the best I have felt in almost three years.
What is the truth and blessing through this experience? Well, it is the fact that Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me, no matter how awful I feel and no matter how discouraged I get. The Holy Spirit abides within everyone who has accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and he brings such words of comfort, especially in the times of distress. We need to not listen to our emotions and feelings, but cling to the Word of God...which is the Truth.