Saturday, December 8, 2012

post 101

I didn't realize that my last post was number 100. So, for those of you who have a hard time counting, that makes this post number 101. I'm not sure what I will post about yet, but just let the Lord lead.
Highway 101 is one of my favorite highways to travel. I especially love taking it through Oregon as it travels along the beautiful Oregon coast. I love the ocean and wish that I could visit it every day. It just amazes me how that God is able to hold back all of the oceans that cover all of the world from overflowing all of the land. Think about how destructive a localized tidal wave can be. Could you imagine that happening on a worldwide scale? I know I sure can't! If it wasn't for God keeping the ocean under His control, that is exactly what would happen.
I remember very clearly an incident that occured a few years ago during this time of year. My sister, husband, and I took a long weekend trip to Lincoln City, OR. We went to the Devil's Chasm located about an hour south of town. It was one of those rare, sunny, beautiful days that we get in the northwest after a particularly stormy day. The tide was up and there were storm surge waves causing gigantic splashes to come roaring into the chasm. Jerry and I decided to hike ourselves down to the rocky edges and get an up-close view and take some awesome pictures of the waves as the crashed against the end wall of the cliff. And we did. Waves were splashing 40 feet into the air.
We were making our way back out of the chasm and over to the hiking path where my sister was waiting and taking pictures of us. Out of nowhere came a huge wave that crashed against the front of the chasm. Just in the nick of time, I shoved my camera and cellphone into my "dryside"pocket". That wave grew in height until it was over our heads and coming straight at us. Jerry was on my "wetside" and took the full force of the wave as it crashed over our heads. He was drenched and I was soaked through in several areas. The three of us broke out in screams and laughter and screams of laughter. My "wet-side" pocket was full of ocean water. My hair hung in wet streams. Jerry's clothes clung to his body as did my jeans. The cold wind blew right through our wet clothing and made us freeze. My sister used her bandana to get our faces as dry as she could. Jerry and I then left her behind to quickly hike ourselves up the cliff. Jerry had to remove his dripping jacket and clinging jeans. I wrapped him in the heavy blanket that "lives" in our van. I had another jacket that I was able to use to get my self warm and dry. By the time my sister finally made it back up the hill and to the van, Jerry and I were nice and warm., Warm...yes.
The miracle of it all was the fact that just a minute earlier we would have been killed. We had been standing right on the edge of the chasm watching huge drift logs as they rolled and heaved in the waves. If the giantic wave had caught us at that time it would have thrown us off our feet and into the chasm where we would have been crushed by those same logs. Thank God we "listened" when the Holy Spirit advised us to move on to safer ground. When we got home, we were sad to learn  that a couple of teenage girls had died on that same day. They were hit by a storm-surge wave that had caught them by surprise. They had been sitting on a log on the beach watching the ocean. The rouge wave knocked them backward off of the log causing them severe head damage and then drowning.
There have been so many times that I know the Lord has intervened on my behave and kept me safe. But the greatest of all, was when He touched my heart and mind causing me to realize that I needed to accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Saviour. Obeying that call has not only saved my life here on earth, but for all of eternity. It has saved me from sin, from Satan, from my self, and from so much more.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Haven't been here in a while. Just didn't feel like writing because I often wonder if it is even worth it to do this. I appreciate those of you who do follow this blog. Sorry about being on a pity party or whatever you want to call it. The fibro has been pretty bad this year, but there are blessings with it also. Earlier this week, I was talking with one of our FBI students and realized that I had only missed two classes this semester whereas last year I had to miss twice that amount. Not working has really made a difference. I am so blessed by the Lord that I am able to stay home and take care of my little family. God has given my beloved husband a great job which has always provided for all our needs. And having our precious, adult daughter still living with us has also provided me with the ability to earn a little extra money from the state. We are fully blessed and are able to use some of that money to continue to be a blessing to others that are in need. It is also going to enable us to take a month-long vacation to Arizona to see if the warmth helps my fibro. Looking forward to that amazing blessing. All praise to our God who daily loadeth us with blessings.