Saturday, July 2, 2011

Broken heart

My heart is broken over the young ladies who think that love equals sex, or that sex equals love. Yesterday I decided to go to the Port Orchard ferry 45 minutes early. I thought that the library might be open, but it wasn't. So, I had 45 minutes to wait for Bekah's ferry. Since the weather was so nice and the scenery was so beatiful, I decide to walk around the marina and waterfront. I was having a very nice time until I got to the waterfront park. It was shady and that made me cold. I had just turned to go back to my van when I heard my name called. I turned back to see two girls that I had worked with from the school where I volunteer. One of the girls was sitting in front of a boy who had his hands all over her. At first I thought I would just wave and leave, but the other girl was one that I hadn't seen much since she was now in junior high. It was embarrassing to walk up the sitting area to where the trio was seated. The older girl left the other two and walked over to hug me. The younger girl finally moved to sit next to the boy, but he still had his arms around her tightly.
It wasn't hard to imagine what had been going on between the two of them. I had been just like that when I was her age. Looking for some boy to "love" you, to desire you, to want you. And not understanding that all he really wanted was to get his hands (or more) all over your body. I talked to the older girl for a little while, but my heart was breaking over the whole situation and I couldn't wait to get back to the van so that I could cry and pray. Which is just what I did.
This young girl is only 12 years old. Please pray for her and for all those who are like her. Please pray for me to have the wisdom of God in dealing with this situation. Please pray for the parents of both girls that they would be able to help their precious girls to understand that true love is not sex, that these parents would love their girls and care for them in the best ways possible. Thank you!