Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving alphabet

When I have a hard time getting to sleep, I like to take time to thank the Lord for certain things by going through the alphabet. I thought I might share what I am thankful for this year by doing the same thing in a post.
A: apples, artichokes, all my friends, aardvarks.
B: banana, berries, broccoli, babies, blue-birds, BBC, Bible.
C: cherries, carrots, church, cats, carpet.
D: dates, dates with Jerry, dogs.
E: everlasting life.
F: figs, funny things, fun times, family.
G: grapes, guava, garlic, fresh green beans, garbanzo beans turned into hummus, God.
H: horses, home, heaven.
I: ice cream, imaginations, iguanas.
J: Jesus, justice, juices, jams, Jerry.
K: kiwis, kindness, kangaroos.
L: lemonade, limeade, leeks, lettuce, lima beans, love, life-group.
M: mango, movies, mules, music.
N: nectarines, nuts.
O: oranges, October, Oregon, oak trees.
P: peaches, pears, plums, papaya, potatoes, pumpkin, pies, pesto.
Q: Quicken, quiet times.
R: rhubarb, raspberries, raisins, raccoons, reality.
S: stars, strawberries, salmonberries, steak, salvation, Seahawks
T: tomato paste, truffles, turtles, turkey.
U: umbrellas, uglifruit, underwear.
V: vanilla, vans, victory, voices, vines, villages.
W: watermelon, water chestnuts, work, working in my yard.
X: xylophones, Xerox, x-rays.
Y: yams, young adults, yellow, you.
Z: zebras, zucchini, zeal, zest.

I'm back

My beloved husband asked me yesterday when I was going to do another post on my blog. Well, I am posting this today. It will have to do for now, but I will get back on here soon and do a blog that I have been working on for over a year. Until then, just wait.