Friday, August 20, 2010


I love my family. It is a blessing to still have my parents around. However, no longer is my mother the woman that I once knew. She has had dementia for several years. It has slowly, but surely eroded a woman who held such power in my mind.
This last week she called and asked us to come over and straighten out something. I knew that it had to be some sort of arguement that she was having with my dad. But it was worse, much worse. She was in tears telling us that Daddy would not let her stay home alone by herself. She couldn't believe that there was anything wrong with her. It was as if her mind had taken her back to thirty years ago. It took a call to my sister, my dad going to his appointment, and Jerry and I talking to her to get her to calm down. It was very stressful. This was the first time that she could not remember that she had dementia. Usually, she wants to always share with everyone that she has "three boyfriends": Luke Kemia, Art Ritis, and Al Himer (which is really D. Mentia). But not that day. She thought that all of us were in a conspiracy against her. That none of us had ever talked to her about this before. She was positive that it was my dad who had the problems and not herself.
It was nice once she finally calmed down. But, she never did return to the state where I had last scene her. She mentioned several times that it was nice to finally know what was wrong with her. Wow!
Since I have fibromyalgia and take medication, it is very hard for me when I get stressed out. And I have to say, this really stressed me out. For the next 24 hours, I was dead to the world. I am glad that we were able to go over and keep an eye on her while my dad went to his appointment. This is the blessing. The truth? That God knows all and that we can trust Him to do what is best.


  1. Sometimes it just helps to "vent" either through a written media (i.e. blog) or a special friend, a spouse and most of all God. God and I have these little "talks" all the time. Eventually, I will receive peace from Him. I'll be praying for you. Having already lost my mom, I understand how precious mothers are. Love Ya!

  2. Sorry to hear your mom's illness is getting worse. Praying for you all to have wisdom in her care. I miss my mom... I hope I can be a blessing to my kids awhile longer, but I really don't want to be a heartache in the future. Praying for you specifically.