Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caring people

I just want to thank the LORD for providing caring people when there was a need. Last Monday, we had a freaky storm that caught most of us off guard. It had been forecasted, but I for one, never thought it would hit our county as bad as it did. It was like a winter hurricane. There wasn't much snow, but there was lots of wind and very cold temperatures. It caused the roads to turn into ice arenas, and since we live in an area with lots of hills, it made for extrememly dangerous driving.
Rebekah was at work in the next town. We thought that Jerry would be able to go get her as he had a four-wheel drive he was using as he patrolled Port Orchard. There was no way that I would be able to go get her because I would get stuck. However, Jerry was not able to go as he was extremely busy with accident investigations.
The power went out all over the south end of our county. Ours included. It was all I could do to keep the house above 60 degrees while the wind howled and the temperatures continued to fall. I began to worry about Rebekah and how she would get home. Jerry and I made several calls to her cell-phone and to her boss, but we couldn't get through to anyone. She was about to get off work when Jerry thought of calling the base police. What a fantastic idea!
One of the police officers was able to "grab" Rebekah before she got outside the gate. He took her to the Quarter Deck where she got to meet the base commander. (That was a real treat for her.) She was entrusted to the car of a navy seaman (seawoman) who looked after Bekah until the gal got off work. This gal was even willing to bring Rebekah home until she learned how bad the roads were. They tried to get her a room in the base motel, but that wasn't allowed.
By midnight I was stressed to the max and tried to keep busy in our dark house. I wanted Rebekah home as I was afraid they would put her out of the base when the navy gal left. However, they were taking good care of my "baby". They got her a blanket and pillow and allowed her to sleep in one of the offices. What a kind gesture.
Jerry was able to come home by 12:30am and I could then begin to relax. The power came back on soon there after and I decided to go to bed. Early the next morning we were up and off to Bremerton to retrieve our Rebekah. She had a great time staying at the base. And we are so thankful for the kind and caring base police officer, the base commander, and the navy seaman who took such great care of our precious daughter. All praise to God who provides all of our needs.

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