Monday, January 17, 2011

Delight and Desire

"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalms 37:4. As many of you know, I love to work with "my" kids. "My" kids are the school children that I have worked with since they were in first grade six years ago. One year ago I had to resign my job as the physical pain was becoming more than I could handle. It was a blessing to be able to continue to volunteer in the same classrooms were I had once worked. Every Friday, I would go to the classes and stay until their lunch recess was over.
When the new school began, my heart was so sad and my fibro pain got worse since the weather also got worse. For the next few months, I worked on losing weight, exercising, and trying to cope with the pain. I missed "my" kids so much. But there was also another reason why I could not be with them. None of the sixth grade teachers had ever been nice to me while I worked at the school. I would go out of my way to be friendly and nice to them, but almost always they would ignore me. Someone had spread nasty lies about me when I was working in third grade. The gossip mills lead to the sixth grade teachers who never tried to discover the truth. So, there was no way that I could volunteer in any of their classrooms and I couldn't be with "my" kids.
However, in November, I did feel well enough to visit the kids during their lunch. It was amazing to see how much they had grown in just a few months time.
Then, during their Christmas break, I began to pray about going back and volunteering with other teachers. I just felt lead of the Lord that it was time to go help. The Lord allowed me to meet several former co-workers during their break and one of them told me that a sixth grade teacher had resigned. Now, this wasn't just any sixth grade teacher, there are three of them at the school, and the one that resigned was the one that had taught the kids who were closest to me. I so wanted to be back with the twins with whom I had worked one on one for five years. I wondered if God was opening a door for me to return to "my" kids. I asked one of the students in this particular classroom who the new teacher was. He told me the name and said that she was really nice. The name didn't register with me at that time.
When school resumed in January, I knew that God wanted me to return. I filled out all of the volunteer paperwork and talked to the coordinator who was very excited. I then went out to recess with "my" kids and visited them at lunch. The twins told me that they liked their new teacher and said her name again. This time, the Lord brought to mind a possible connection between this teacher and the principal of another school where I had worked years ago and with whom I had interviewed twice in the past three months. Could it be that they were married? And if they were, was she also a christian like her husband?
Two days later, I returned to begin my volunteer work and decided that it was time to meet this new teacher. She was the nicest woman and sure enough is married to the nicest principal and definitly is a christian. Amen!
Two days after that, I was in her classroom for most of the day. She asked if I like math. I love math. She asked the kids if they wanted me to teach math. They all replied enthusiastically, YES! So, I not only get to be with "my" kids, but I also get to teach them math. Which I love! Oh what a blessed Saviour we have, who not only saves us, but knows our every thought and desire.

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