Monday, April 18, 2011

My Baby

It is hard to believe that my precious daughter turned 29 today. Rebekah has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing in our lives. I thank God that He allowed her to be born into our family. I would not trade her for anything.
As many of you know, the Lord only allowed us to have one child, and He allowed that child to have special needs. We suffered five miscarries and a total hysterectomy. At first we were mad and sad that our only child would be "different" from normal. It took God getting a hold of our hearts to change our thinking. Now, I am so grateful and praise God.
The Lord has used this wonderful child to teach me lessons that I would not have learned without her. (Some day I will blog about them.) She has brought joy to our little family with her corny jokes and her silly actions. She is the most laid-back, easy-going, hard-working (when she wants), smart, loyal, faithful, dependable, person that I know. She loves to read and listen to music. She loves to get on the computer and to learn all that she can about a subject. She loves to write and draw. She loves to shop whenever she has money (it burns a hole in her belly-bag and she can't wait to spend it.) She loves bright colors and sparkles and jewels. She loves the LORD Jesus and her Bible. She loves good preaching and teaching. She loves the Mercury 7 astronauts, especially Gus Grissom. She loves Richard Nixon and Phil Condit. She has pictures of them that she likes to look at every day. At times she is weird and crazy. At times she can be cranky, but not very often (usually when her medications aren't working.) And she loves Special Olympics, especially the Spring sports of track and field.
When she was born, I had all these dreams I thought she would fulfil for me. When we discovered that she was autistic, those dreams began to fade. When we found out that she also had mental illness, those dreams disappeared. Instead, God gave me a wider realization and understanding of the dreams that He had for Rebekah. I had to totally surrender her to Him and let Him do with her as He saw best. She is not "my" child, she belongs to the Lord and He has allowed me to be her mother, and I could not be any happier than I am with this precious daughter.

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