Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Four steps

My daughter told me that I need to do a new post on my blog. That it has been too long...and she is right. I should post as soon as the Lord gives me an idea, because if I don't, then I forget what it was I meant to post. But this time, I remember because it is a new truth that I am trying to not only learn but to also implament in my life.
In our church's Bible Institute, the instructor was talking about how to have change and real victory in our lives. So, I want to share that with all of you.
It is easy to read the Bible and then think, "Oh, I needed that. I am going to do that in my life." or, "The Lord is showing me that I need to stop doing this other thing." We can read God's Word and have the very best of intentions. We can even memorize verses that we think will help us. But it takes more.
I know in my own life that there have been many times when the Holy Spirit has encouraged me to start doing certain things. And I know of so many other women who have tried to do the right thing and have had counseling and have "failed" to change and have victory.
So here are the four steps that we were taught in Faith Bible Institute:
1. You need to read the Bible. You can never know the will of God for your life if you aren't in His Word.
2. You next need to believe the Bible. James is pretty clear that if you don't have faith, you won't succeed.
3. The first two steps are where most of us do just fine. But we must have this next step and that is to Yield to the Holy Spirit as He speaks to you through the Bible. You have to yield your rights and expectations. You must yield to the Lord control of whatever area He is desiring.
4. This one seems simple enough, but it isn't. You now need to obey the Word.
I would also add that you need to rightly divide the Bible so that you do not try to apply to your life instructions that do not apply to you. Those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour need to keep our focus on the books written by Paul. He is the apostle to the "church". I would also add that you do not need to be "hyper obedient" to be righteous. You already are righteous when you accept Christ in your life. It is His righteousness that becomes your righteousness. What God wants is for us to be more and more like His Son. He wants us to love one another and be His ambassadors in all that we do. And one more thing that I want to add...you need to confess your sins. If there is something that the Holy Spirit shows you in God's Word and if it has been a sin in your life, then before you try to change, you must confess your sin. And of course, whatever you do, you must pray. Prayer allows you to realize that you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.

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