Friday, March 8, 2013


My darling daughter told me again today that I hadn't posted on my blog in a looooong time. She's right. I just haven't felt like it, or I have been too busy, or too tired because I had been too busy. But now that the house is almost completely back to normal, and because I am on a guilt trip, I will post on my blog.
We went to Arizon for a month and loved it. I truly did not want to come home. And then I had a really hard time once we did come home because all I wanted to do was to go back to the warm sunshine of Arizona. So, instead of going back, we got busy doing house work. We pulled up all the rugs and carpets. I had so much fun pulling out staples from the floor. We painted the three bedrooms, the family room, the kitchen, the hallway, and one wall in the dining room. We would have painted the living room and the rest of the dining room, but we were just sick and tired of it. (The main bathroom will still need to be done during the summer.) Because of all the work we did to the house, we basically moved everything into the garage for six weeks. It was kind of nice to have an empty house. Made it much easier to clean.
Once we got the painting done, we had the new carpet installed. (We love it.) We decided that it was also time for new trim in the bedrooms since the old stuff had been there since the house was built in 1979. So, we got the wood and stained and varnished it ourselves. That was fun. I love working with real wood.
We cleaned everywhere and everything. And then it was time to bring the junk back in the house. I have gone through and am getting rid of so much stuff. But there still seems to be a ton of junk. Oh well, I thank God for all of it. He is the One who allowed to earn the money in the first place so that we could purchase what we own.
What is the Truth and Blessing? Well, first off, I have a wonderful husband and daughter. They did so much to help me around here. Second, that everything we have comes from and belongs to God. Thirdly, this world is not my home. Even though I love so much that is here on earth, it is nothing compared to the love that I have for the Lord and the home He is preparing for me. Can't wait to get time.

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