Friday, June 2, 2017

     When I say, "The Virtuous Woman", what is the first chapter in the Bible you think of? Proverbs 31, of course. But what if I was to say, "The Virtuous Man", what would you answer? I had never thought about this before, even though I have read through the Bible at least thirty times. A virtuous man, hmm. What chapter exemplifies a virtuous man? Wellllll, a few days ago, I once again read Psalms 112, when all of the sudden I realized that this chapter could be written about my husband, a virtuous man indeed.
    As I read through each verse, I noticed how it applied to my Jerry. I hope the same can be said about your man. If you are not yet married, and it doesn't seem that your guy matches what is written in God's Word, and probably never will, it is time for you to dump your man. Sorry, but it is a fact that if you truly do want to live "happily ever after", you need to first marry a man that is a virtuous man. Oh, and if you don't think they exist anymore, think again. They do. They may not be located where you are looking, but God knows and He can put the two of you together. I have seen Him do that many times and yes, I have even seen Him do it recently.
     For those of you who are married, but not to the most virtuous man, well, you need to stay married and you need to be as virtuous as you are able. The Bible says that the man can be won through the righteous behavior of the wife. (see I Peter 3.) And if he never notices you, God still does, and He will bless you for your obedience and faithfulness.
     You can read how God brought Jerry and I together in one of my earlier blogs. But I never knew how blessed I was to be married to my Jerry until I realized that he is a very virtuous and righteous man according to Psalms 112. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be his wife.

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