Monday, March 16, 2009

dealing with depression

Life can be hard. But I have learned so much along the way. And I am thankful for every moment of it. Thought I would write about something that I have had to deal with since I was eight years old. Depression. Don't do anything, except continue to read this with an open mind.
I can remember my first bout of depression like it was yesterday. My family was on a camping trip to Tillamook, Ore. We were on our way to town and an overwhelming sense of sadness filled my mind. I just wished I could die. I was crying for no reason and my mom had no sympathy for me. (Unknown, at that time, was that my mother also had depression.) Here I was a little, innocent child with feelings that I couldn't understand and couldn't control. All I could do was cry.
Since then I have had to deal with depression. I just never wanted to deal with it, nor to even admit that I had a problem. It was extremely embarrassing to admit that there was anything wrong with my mind. My pride was just as bad as my depression.
It was only a few years ago that I finally realized that mental illness is not a sign of weakness nor is it a sin. I have used prescription medication to help control the overwhelming feelings, but have recently decided to try a more natural approach. The side-effects of the prescription medications were worse than I could handle. So, I am now taking SAM-e, excercising, and realizing that "this too shall pass" when the depression gets bad. Most of the time, I feel fine and that is what I try to remember when I feel overwhelmed.
So, what is the truth that I have learned from the Lord? The greatest thing....that God loves me no matter what I think. I am accepted and loved in Jesus Christ, and that is what God sees when he looks at me. God doesn't see me; he sees his perfect Son. What could be more glorious? I am in him and he in me.

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  1. Proper exercise, good diet, admiring nature and meditation are very interesting and healthy solutions to beat depression. Developing these kind of habits not only helps in dealing with depression but also keeps you fit.