Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Name Means Truth

I was born on December 7th, which is Pearl Harbor Day. "The day that will live in infiny.", according to President Roosevelt. Although I was born several years after that fateful day, it was still on the mind of the doctor who delivered me. He suggested that I be named Pearly Mae, since everyone born, at that time, in the southeast had two first names. My mother thought otherwise and named me after an aunt of my father. Alice Elizabeth...a name that I hated. It didn't matter that it was better than Pearly Mae, I still thought it was a horrible, old-fashioned name. The popular names were Cheryl or Sheri, which was what I wanted to be named. When I was in fourth grade I tried to "spice up" my name by spelling it with a "y" instead of the same old boring "i". Alyce seemed more exotic than Alice. However, my best friend, who had the beautiful name of Kathleen, made fun of me and that ended the new spelling of my name. From then on I was just plain Alice.
Of course in junior high I got called "Alice in Wonderland" a lot which caused me to hate my name even more. I was the only Alice that ever attended any of my schools and I never knew another Alice except for my great-aunt, until I was an adult. As a teenager it just wasn't cool to not be like anyone else. So to be the only Alice was hard. Whenever anyone asked me for my name, I would cringe and speak in the softest tone I could muster. Which caused me to have to repeat my name until it was loud enough to be heard correctly.
It wasn't until after the age of thirty that I finally came to appreciate my name. One day while I was reading my Bible, I came across a verse that I had known for years. It is found in John 17. Jesus Christ is speaking to His Father and Jesus says..."sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth." I wondered what the word "truth" was in the ancient Greek. So, I looked it up and was surprised to find that the Greek word for truth is "Alathyce". It was the orginional spelling of Alice. I was so joyous to have my name connected with God's Word. (I have always believed that the Bible is God's Holy Word, and that it is the Truth. And when I was a child I remember looking up the meaning of my name. Alice = truthful, loyal. But to realize that Alice comes from the ancient Greek word for truth, was a blessing to me.)
When I was pregnant with our daughter I knew that I wanted her to have my middle name of Elizabeth. So, I researched the meaning of that name which is "God of the oath, or Promise of God". So, my names mean "Truth of the Promise of God" or "Truth of God of the oath".
God's Word is Truth. He is the God of Truth. He keeps His Word. If you desire to know the Truth, then you need to read His Word.
I am so glad to have the name of Alice Elizabeth, because whenever I think of the meaning of my names, I think of the most precious book in the world. The Bible is my Truth. Alice, my name means truth.

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