Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I was at my busiest as a christian, I did these things: Bus Captain Sunday School teacher Junior Church song leader Choir member Soloist Choir practice Care-center song leader Evening class teacher LACE director every week Home-school co-op director and teacher Visitation Decorator Kitchen director Fellowship planner Drama actor Homeschool teacher Now I am blessed to be allowed and used of the Lord in these areas: (when I am physically able) Co-director of FBI Co-director of a GROW team Choir member Decorator Prayer partner Church patrol with husband Blog However, these are the most precious things I can do always: (or for as long as the Lord lets me) Pray for others Read my Bible Meditate on God's Word Sing to the Lord Hug my husband Hug my daughter Hug my other family members Hug my friends Give compliments and encouragement to others Send a greeting card Go to church If I could do nothing, I would still give all praise to the Lord, because I would still be able to praise His holy name.

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