Monday, March 7, 2011


I was watching a television show last evening that just touched my heart. The closing line from the gal who stepped into a low-income, volunteering role really got me to crying. She basically said that it doesn't matter what you have nor how much you have, if you can only give a smile or a hug, it is enough. Just do what you can. This gal was a millionaire who humbly served in volunteer positions and in the end wound up giving away $100,000 to three agencies and to a family in need.
As I watched the show, I began to feel an overwhelming wish that I could do more in my church and in my community. It was weird, but during the whole program, I was holding a conversation with the LORD without realizing I was doing so. I kept saying to the LORD that I want to do more, that I wished that I had more to give, or that I could physically volunteer more. I was so blessed to see what others are doing and yet sad that I can't do more because of my physical limitations.
It was at the end of the show, when those final words were spoken, that the Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to my heart. If all you can do is give a smile or a hug, that is enough. Just do what you can do...and do as unto the LORD.
I was raised in a family that volunteered. My parents were Red Cross teachers from the time I can remember. They were always involved in church leading classes and choirs. They also volunteered with so many other community events that I can't list them all. My older siblings were also volunteers with Red Cross, swimming lessons, nursing homes, and church activities. Being a volunteer is just a part of my being. It is a blessing. And I long to do more of it. But for now, I thank the Lord that I can help at the local elementary schools, I can give smiles, hugs, and words of encouragement to those precious children, I can help at my church in many ways, and I can just pray for those who have a need.

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  1. Good post, and don't forget notes of encouragement. Notes are such a forgotten blessing with the advent of email and facebook, that folks forget they can still use their telephone and postal system to encourage another believer, and without leaving their home. To me, it's the perfect ministry for a shut-in to get "OUT" and never leave! Praying for you!