Sunday, December 18, 2011


This has been the worst two plus weeks of fibro that I have had in a long time. Had a massage a few days ago, but I was so bad that it felt like I was being skinned alive. Didn't think I felt that bad, but wow, surprise, and not in a good way. The massage therapist wound up only able to do pressure point treatments. ARG! I was so looking forward to a good massage because I haven't been able to get a massage in a couple of months.
The pain and stiffness have become so bad that I cannot sleep all night, even with ibuprofen and benadryl. And every morning I am so stiff that I have to do stretches in bed before I get up. Even then, it takes half an hour before I can walk without immense pain. Getting on the exercise bike helps a lot. And doing my morning stretches afterwards helps even more.
I am reading a book that is helping me keep my mind thinking the right things. It has been twenty years since I had read this book and just felt that it was time to read it again. I am so glad that I am. The book is called, "Telling Yourself The Truth". The first time I read it, my life was a complete mess. This time my life is much better, but I still struggle with the things that I say in my mind about circumstances. I think that I would be really depressed about the fibro if I was listening to my brain instead allowing God to take control of every thought and bring into captivity.
One major blessing did come from the massage. The therapist and her youngest son came to my church today for the Christmas play. In spite of this fibro attack, I was able to have a small part in the play as a shepherd. So, it was a great blessing to have my therapist and her son there for it.

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