Saturday, April 14, 2012

I know that hardly anyone will read this post since I haven't been posting much and don't have a very large audience. However, if only one person reads this and tries to live a better life, it will be worth my time.
Today I learned of another young person who has been faithful in attenting church, but has decided to turn away from the Lord. It is so very sad whenever anyone does that, but it seems to happen more and more with young adults. Why?
I can clearly remember when I was that age. I had accepted Christ as my Saviour when I was sixteen, but had been attending church all of my life. When I was seventeen I was out of high school and attending the local community college. It was there that I began to question my beliefs. Since I was still a baby christian, it was really easy for me to listen to the lies I was hearing at this secular college. I didn't leave the church and I didn't turn my back on God, but I did do some things that I have regretted for the rest of my life. It was easy to justify my sins  back then because I was so wrapped up in the world and didn't want to be thought of as a weirdo. I wanted friends and I wanted acceptance. So, I did what the world did and I continued to go to church. Sad.
As I began to grow in my relationship with Christ, I realized my sins and repented of them. I now strive to live a life that is always according to His Word and His Will. I love Him so much and am so thankful for all that He has done and is doing for me.
However, I can't help but wonder if there is something we christians should be doing to encourage young adults to stay strong in their walk with the Lord. What can I do to help them know that Jesus is worth more than everything the world has to offer? Pray more for them? I don't know. Do you?

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  1. It is so true & so sad to see people fall away from God. I know I had my own struggles as well when I was fresh out of high school. Thank you for posting.