Monday, May 21, 2012

Truth and Blessing

Lately, well, actually for the last several months I have been rereading the book titled, "Telling Yourself The Truth" and now "Finding the Freedom of Self-Control" both by William Backus. It is eye-opening and humbling to see how far I have fallen.
Years ago, many, many years ago, our Ladies' group studied "Telling Yourself the Truth". It was then that the Lord was able to begin a very mighty work in my life. I had been so used to the lies that I believed and was so miserable that I didn't want to go on living. But when I realized the fact that I had been lying to myself and believing those lies, was when I finally received freedom from them. My life changed for the better. God showed me sin after sin and forgave me of each and every one as I confessed them. It was like having weights removed from my heart and mind. I was able to live in freedom and victory.
But over the years and especially more recently, I once again began to lie to myself and believe those lies. Once again, life was miserable. Not fun! Then one day, the Lord motivated me to reread that book. It was again the truth that I needed to see.
The Truth? What is the only Truth? God's Word, the Holy Bible. That is the one thing that we can believe. Of course our lies may tell us to not trust the Bible. But I say, why would I choose to trust my lies instead of the Bible? I choose to believe God's Word. That is the real Truth and Blessing.

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