Monday, December 16, 2013


So, this picture pretty much describes how I felt this year for my birthday. Sick of my life and of my family and fellow Christians. Not very Christian that's for sure.
Someone recently mentioned that as Christians we tend to blaspheme the name of Christ every time we do things we shouldn't. We are not worthy to bear that precious name. I know I sure don't. I was especially guilty of shaming the name of Christ on my birthday.
However, a couple days later, the Lord gently convicted me of my own sins and that I didn't need to focus so much on the misdeeds of others. That if I expected others to have self discipline, then I needed to have it myself. Right then and there, I confessed my sin and thanked the Lord for His cleansing and forgiveness, and once again gave control and lordship of my mind back to the Lord of my life.
The sinful deeds of other Christians had been bothering me for so long and they greatly grieved my heart. It got to the point that I was beginning to be angry with those sinful Christians, and just plain angry in general. I had lost the joy of the Lord. I wasn't focused on Jesus. Instead, I was focused on sin. How dumb!
God has said in His Word so many times that He will take of the wicked and that He will discipline His own. I don't need to worry about it. Pray for them, yes. Love them, yes. Obey the Lord, yes.

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