Friday, December 6, 2013


Too often we tend to overlook the little blessings that God gives to us. It's easy to remember to be thankful in November when we focus on Thanksgiving, but how about the other 364 days of the years?! So, today I am going to write about a little blessing that I received from the Lord.
On Monday, December 2nd, my family and I went to Bend, Oregon for a five day vacation. We love the area and thought we would be able to do more of the outdoor activities we enjoy, such as walking and sight-seeing. But the day we arrived it began to snow and it snowed and it got cold and it got colder. So, we couldn't do all the things that we had hoped to do. As a matter of fact by the forth day, we had run out of indoor things that we wanted to do and decided we might as well go back home.
So, we left Bend a day early. We had a beautiful and wonderful trip back home. The sky was clear and the Cascade mountains were out in all their glory. The Columbia river gorge was beautiful with ice covered waterfalls cascading down the rock faces.
It was good to be back home. This morning (Friday, December 6th), the news was telling about the snow and ice that had fallen from Chehalis and southward, causing several crashes on I-5. There was also news about the winter storm warnings that we going up for the eastern side of Oregon. If we had left Bend today, we have been caught in that horrible weather with wicked road conditions.
I am so thankful that God caused the weather to get so cold in Bend that we decided to come home a day early and miss all of the bad weather and awful driving. It made for a much better ending to a nice little vacation, and it made for a much better day for us today. Praise God for the little blessings.
And if you were got down to -6 in Sunriver where we were staying, and there was a wind-chill of -25. Sunny? yes, but oh, so cold.

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