Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Please Reply

I hate those things that want you to reply. I don't know why, I just do. So, why am I asking you to the thing that I hate? Because I really want to know if anyone reads this blog. I would like to do more with this site, if people are reading it. However, if no-one reads this, then I need to figure out if this is God's will. So, if you do read this site and if you have any ideas for expansion, etc. would you please let me know? Otherwise, this site may just go away. Thank you so much, Alice


  1. I read your blog! I enjoy your insights, and how you always try to find a blessing in every situation. I realize that writing can be time consuming, but I hope you continue to share your thoughts, even if it is not in this forum. Just let me know so I can follow you. :)
    ~Joyce A.

  2. I read you and enjoy hearing of your adventures in family and faith! Your writing has always been a blessing, but perhaps because its so rare or unavailable? Love it!