Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Anyone want an adult kid??? I am ready to give mine away. There are things she does (Or doesn't do) that drive me crazy. And right now, I am steaming.
But then the Lord comes along and reminds me of all the times that I mess up and all the times that he continues to keep me as his child, and forgive me, and clean up my messes. What an amazing Father he is. How he can continue to love someone like me who just messes up all the time, I cannot comprehend. I just know that he does. How do I know? Because his word, the Holy Bible. He promises that he will never leave me nor forsake me, and that nothing can separate me from the love of God. Nothing! When I accepted Christ as my Saviour, I became a part of his body...and he is not a masochist. The Father no longer sees me and all my sinfulness; he sees his holy son. Thank God!
So, I too can continue to be a mother to my adult child no matter what she does (or doesn't do) that drive me crazy. God also says in his Word that I (me) can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. When mind says that I can't go on, the Holy Spirit comes along and encourages me in the Word. I can do all things (including those things that seem to overwhelm me) through Christ (not in my own power, but in his almighty power). Amen!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder that we need to patient with our children as God is with us.