Sunday, April 26, 2009

Special Olympics

I never realized how blessed I am until Bekah got involved in Special Olympics. The Lord has used it to teach me how to be "real". These athletes are the most "real" people I have ever met. They never try to be anything other than who they are. Talk about "self-esteem"...they don't need it because they already have "self-acceptance". They are perfectly happy with the way God created them.
I use to have these lofty dreams and goals for Bekah. She was my only child and I thought she had to exceed all others and that she had to do it according to my plan. I figured she would be the smartest, prettiest, have the most friends, be the most popular, be the kindest, be the most godly young lady that the world has ever seen. (I truly can't believe how selfish I was.) I never wanted to believe nor accept the fact that my daughter had any sort of disability. (Even though it was hard to miss!) I keep believing that one day she would just be "normal" and all of my dreams for her would come true.
But then the Lord got a hold of my sinful pride and shook me to the core of my being. Rebekah was exactly the way that the Lord created her and allowed her to be. And that if I wanted the joy and peace of being her mother, that I had better accept her and truly love her the way she was.
I remember when Rebekah was in the worse of her psychosis. She was seeing people attacking and persecuting her. She could see them stealing her things. She could hear them lying about her and laughing at her. She was angry and full of rage and hate. She would throw things at these imaginations. She would hit and pinch herself. She would scream and yell. And I would cry and cry out to God. And the Lord gently spoke to me and asked me if I would be like Abraham and "sacrifice" my child to God? I couldn't understand. Then the Lord asked me if I would sacrifice all of my dreams and goals and give my child fully to God? Such peace flooded my soul when I finally surrendered Rebekah 100 percent to the Lord God almighty.
It was a few months after that when Rebekah asked if she could join Special Olympics as she had such a competitive spirit. Reluctantly, I agreed. I was still afraid of her being classified "special needs" or "handicapped".
So, I decided that she could go and I would attend all of the practices with her. And I am so glad that I did. It was there that I fell head over heals for these athletes and learned to fully love and accept my child exactly the way she is. Sure these folks aren't "normal" according to most of the world, but they are supernormal to me.
I am so thankful to Jesus Christ for bringing Special Olympics into our lives. Rebekah shines and accels and is herself. She is comfortable and has so much fun. And I am at peace. Thank you Lord for the truth and blessings you have brought to me through this group of special people.

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