Friday, April 10, 2009


I love this time of year. Spring, especially April, is a time of rebirth. I think that is why God chose it to be the time of Passover and the beginner of the new year in the Jewish calendar. The flowers are finally in bloom. My flowering cherry trees are a bright pink even on a dull, cloudy day. And the daffodils are a spot of yellow sunshine in the midst of the rain.
It was during this month that my beloved and I were "born-again". Our rebirth took place when we accepted Christ Jesus as our own personal Saviour. I was a messed up teenager living with a family in Colorado and Jerry was a sailor on his ship in the Philipines. We didn't even know each other and were half a world away, but both of us were saved within two days of each other: he on the 14th and me on the 16th.
A precious birth took place during this month almost 27 years ago and that was the birth of our daughter. Little did we know that she would be our one and only. We are so thankful for Rebekah. God has richly blessed and changed my life because of her.
Birth and rebirth, but the greatest blessing of the month was a death. The death of an innocent lamb. That was the focal point of Passover. A pure and perfect lamb was slain and its' blood was applied to the door of the house. When the death-angel passed through the land of Egypt, where the Jews were being help in slavery, it slayed the first-born of every household. Unless, the blood of the innocent lamb had been applied. This blood protected those within from the wrath of God.
Almost 2000 years ago another pure and perfect lamb was slain and his blood was shed. Jesus Christ, the perfect lamb of God, that died upon the cross, shedding his blood to pay the penalty for the sins of all the earth. Those who believe on him and receive him as their Saviour, when the death-angel comes, will be protected from the wrath of God. Is the blood applied to your life? Why don't you pray right now and ask the Lord Jesus to be your personal Saviour?!
Birth, life, death, and rebirth...that is why I like this time of year so much.

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